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Top 4 Tech Trends for Business in 2022

Trends for Business in 2022

In the tech and manufacturing industry, Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most popular topics for discussion among professional workers. The most current IoT trends indicate that this technology has altered a variety of industries. This IoT adoption will transform how the companies manage the business, face the challenges ahead and widen your perspective to get the best solution that boosts productivity and efficiency. It also has helped overall improvement, increasing profit, and gaining better customer services. As well as the increasing cloud usage and 5G’s development, IoT sensors have already made a way for automation improvements for industries. Here are some of the top trends of IoT that will involve the businesses and more broadly to the world in 2022.

Focus on Security

According to the Director of Digital Economy Protection of National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN), Anton Setiawan, there are 31 billion IoT devices connected to the internet in October 2020. Even in 2022, data analysis shows that the market share will reach IDR 444 trillion rupiahs. But, network connected devices are still vulnerable from cyberattacks. The IoT market will bend its focus on security as safety issues come up and IoT providers will act as security operators to prevent any impending danger. By 2022, experts believe cybercrime and hacking will become a common phenomenon.

IoT vendors will be able to increase their sell ability by addressing widely held security concerns. Those marketing end-to-end security solutions are most likely to enjoy this selling point. Telkomsel IoT Sphere is one of the great in that field with advanced security features, such as end-to-end security services including device agnostic and zero days attack protection.

IoT Smart Manufacturing and Transforming Business Model

With the help of IoT and adapted automation, manufacturers are transforming their entire business model into something that increases the triangle benefits such as efficiency, productivity, and safety. As a result, it will enhance the performance of the company. IoT sensors will also provide the company to handle preventive maintenance and identify machinery problems early on. Telkomsel IoT Manufacturing has been finding a smart solution for factories and giving manufacturers a clearer picture of factory safety and conditions. This technology can connect all of the factory lines to management level to the mobile devices, which will improve time management and effectiveness. Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing will help you to improve manufacturing work and operation. 

Adoption of IoT in Healthcare Industry

For years, the healthcare industry has experimented with IoT technologies. Like factories, healthcare facilities are massive and equipped with cutting-edge technology. IoT has an ability to improve healthcare’s light and temperature control. Healthcare now uses sensors, tracking, and indoor navigation tech. Using IoT, those different types of equipment can enhance lighting systems by linking them to deploying sensors and health monitors.

In the wake of the epidemic, IoT adoption has become even more critical for the healthcare industry. People can seek medical treatment using technologies like telehealth visits while keeping to social distancing rules. IoT devices can be used to monitor a patient's health and the propagation of the COVID-19 virus from afar. Another thing is, IoT Asset Performance Management also helps to monitor the temperature of vaccines during storage and delivery. By monitoring the temperature at the ideal temperature for vaccines, this right will maintain the quality of vaccines from production to the recipients.

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Another trend is the integration of data streams with machine learning and AI engines. In the wake of pandemic, to remain resilient the corporate leaders believe their companies will need to leverage a combination of emerging technologies such as cloud databases, data warehouses, automation, and analytics. Integrated analytics are now being integrated into solutions that speed up data analysis and directly fed into machine learning apps. As a result, IoT data will be sold as a commodity, mostly to appliance manufacturers. The sale of IoT data will also be used to demonstrate the viability of the product.

With the proliferation of technological trends that have been described, prove that IoT tech will give a significant impact for companies’s transformation in the future. IoT adoption also gives the variety of ways to recover if their businesses collapse and widens the perspective to get the best solution in the field. So, decide with Telkomsel IoT which will provide you with the smart solution.

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