ARTIKEL — September 27, 2021

The Significance of Workforce Training to Ensure a High-Class IoT Based Company

The Significance of Workforce

Nowadays, technology has become a crucial part of almost all workplaces. The future of work is becoming more uncertain with the rise of industry 4.0. Your company and employees will meet more severe tasks, a new environment, and a volatile market. It has an impact on both the employment rate and the jobs and skills of employees. Many companies are confronted with issues such as a shortage of skilled workers and job mismatch. As a result, the company's use of technology is inefficient, which makes competing with competitors more difficult. So, here are some steps to upskill your employees in order to keep up with industry 4.0. 

Develop and Test Your Employee Skill Set

Do you know that 54 percent of businesses are hampered by a lack of digital skills, and the gap is getting wider? It’s good to spend time nurturing a team and teach them more than things they need to know. While training, make sure to keep documentation of the procedure and your progress so that you may use it as a guideline throughout your development plan. From that document, you can identify the strongest skill set, then put them to the test, and we’ll see how your employees can adopt the new challenges.

For example, allow employees to do project-based training to accelerate their skill. However, this does not mean it will stop there. The future awaits you. Try to identify and understand the demands the future will bring. Monitor what kind of trends in innovation will be on the table and encourage your team to follow the same path.  

The Required AI and Machine Learning

According to PwC, AI’s contribution to global GDP is expected to grow from $2 trillion in 2019 to $15 trillion in 2030. Every organization needs a professional to handle the essence of data and translate it into action. But somehow, the labor market is not ready as well as the demand grows every second. Anyway, the answer is already there. To build the future-ready workforce, upskilling your team in AI and machine learning can be an assistance to face upcoming challenges.

In order to advance AI and machine learning, self-paced, virtual and on-demand learning programs may suit you best. Prepare your teams to immediately translate theory into practice, working on AI and data science projects. Also allowing them to learn and work collaboratively. Keep in mind that we're dealing in a fast-paced, ever-changing technology industry. We must keep up with market demands, which requires employees sharpening their abilities on the latest innovations on a regular basis.

Citizen-led Innovation

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, many businesses spotlighted the need for a persistent and digitally skilled workforce. According to PwC’s latest Global CEO survey, 76% of CEOs believe global economic growth will improve in the next 12 months. Also another study from PwC and the World Economic Forum said 5.5 million net new jobs will be potentially created by effective upskilling initiatives. As a consequence, you will be encouraged to develop innovation and improve productivity.

In this case, it’s called citizen-led innovation – a breakthrough approach based on equal parts leadership and employee crowdsourcing. First thing is this approach will allow people to have the autonomy to apply their knowledge and skills in work based on their learning. The employees have the freedom to decide what learning methods best fit for them. They are also free to take the lead on building, innovating, sharing, and problem solving tests with any given leadership guidance.

But, what kind of freedom does this mean? So, it’s not about “do whatever you want to do”. It’s a combination of thoughtful leadership, business and financial strategy. Your company will help employees in gaining the skills they need. It’s about participation, providing everyone with choices. An inclusive way of work ethic based on the belief that everyone can and will adapt the work changes.

For smart solutions, Telkomsel IoT has provided training for your employees, such as skills development, AI and machine learning, and also allows your employees to innovate significantly. As a result, the value of implementing technology can permeate your company. To learn more about the solutions, please visit our website.

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