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The Basic Concepts of Smart Manufacturing

The Basic Concepts of Smart Manufacturing


As we know the manufacturing industry has used autonomous machines for a long time period, but the leverage of IoT has made a very rapid leap of improvement to the autonomous concept itself and that’s why we call it now smart manufacturing. However, any impact you could expect on implementing smart manufacturing should meet these several basic concepts to ensure you’re taking the right steps to keep relevance for all industry changes and advancements.


Agile and Responsive System


To achieve this basis, you have to make sure that your system works with a powerful tool to react quickly through every up and down in the manufacturing facility. Instead of using the conventional MES when it usually takes weeks to do changes, the new automation can do that quickly and precisely. For example, you can utilize smart devices such as tablets or smart watches with an easy-to-use interface for predictive analytic operations and enable your company to react to issues within production even before they happen. 


On demand and customization manufacturing


As the technological challenges and changes will always be ahead of the times, the company has to face the consumer expectations of the future. We are in an era where consumer choice is everything. So, smart manufacturing will be the avant-garde in assisting companies to meet the customer’s specific needs and demands. It’s time to shift from the mindset of giving the customers what you think they want, to customers choosing specifically what they are willing to pay for and how fast the products are delivered to their hands. 


According to an April 2018 YouGov survey, 26% of U.S. consumers have personalized a product.


The smart manufacturing concept provides on-demand parts to companies, which allows them to produce products more quickly and offer more personalized choices to their customers. 


Autonomous and the heart of artificial intelligence


The implementation of artificial intelligence is the key to building an autonomous system. Without AI it is nearly impossible to achieve successful smart manufacturing. The benefits of AI can help to enhance the performance and shorten product cycle development times. The AI will also have the capability of machines to learn from the experience to evaluate and optimize the process business in the future.


Instead of replacing humans, AI will represent the new approach for humans and machines working together. With AI supporting day-to-day operational decisions, the critical factors such as security, safety, productivity, and profitability will be optimized. AI will help humans with analysis, providing predictive maintenance and solving complex issues. This analysis will help your employees to make the best decision from both profitability and a safety perspective.


Eventually, the leaders and stakeholders should be the ones to choose which AI tools can provide the best solutions to address the problem in their respective companies. Worry not, Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing is here to collaborate with you, providing a one-stop solution. Now, End-customers can connect different parts of the complex system. This service will help you from consultation, designing, analytics, security, billing, to even after sales service.

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