ARTIKEL — May 24, 2022

Managing your digital transformation for success

Managing Your Digital Transformation For Success


In this fast-paced industry, digital transformation is a must. It involves every aspect of the companies or organizations. But, how sure can you work it out smoothly? According to Bain, only 5% of digital transformation reached success. Even though digital transformation is much harder and challenging than any conventional changes, it is still manageable. So, since digital transformation is all about change, what can leaders do to ease their company into it? Here are 3 change management strategies for digital transformation.


The Importance of Leadership Roles


The leaders must take a more active role. They have to take on the responsibility to guide, support, and presence whenever their employees need them. This is the sign that the leaders know about what is happening in their companies and makes a positive impact for the environment. This environment will reduce anxiety, soothe fears, and help employees to be more confident about the future. As the leaders and employees are on the same page about the future of their companies, it will be easier for the leaders to embrace and encourage the culture that is always needed for management changes.


Communication is the key


Communication is the principal factor that impacts the success or failure of transformation. Excellent communication between leaders and employees will keep everyone on the same page and talking about it openly is an important thing to do in order to embrace change. This is not a one way communication. As a leader you must provide a freedom for your employees to reach out with issues or questions. So, clear and concrete communication will grant easier changes.