ARTIKEL — March 23, 2022

How is AI Adoption Going?

How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Going?


Since last year, the newest results suggest that AI adoption has increased in from 45 percent  to 57 percent most at companies headquartered in growing economies, which includes China, North Africa, and the Middle East. Indian companies have the highest adoption rate, while followed closely by those in Asia-Pacific. 


According to an international Data Corporation survey, Indonesian companies had the highest rates of AI adoption in Southeast Asia with 24.6% of organizations integrating the technology into their operations. This digital transformation in Indonesia is the main reason why this adoption ratio has kept increasing and it is also impacted by the big tech based companies, such as Gojek and Kaskus. 


Based on business function and popular use cases for AI adoption, the results are product and service development, service operations, and marketing and sales. According to the respondents, the data shows that marketing-budget allocation and spending effectiveness has the highest percentage-point increase in the use of AI by companies. Also, it can be broken down into the top three use cases which are service-operations optimization, AI-based enhancement of products, and contact-center automation.