ARTIKEL — Nov 25, 2021

How To Lead A Newly Digitized Company?

A leader has to take full responsibility for their company. Here are the things that leaders need to do to ensure digital transformation success.

ARTIKEL — Nov 19, 2021

End-to-End Supply Chain Management Solution

Telkomsel IoT will soon be launching an end-to-end supply chain management and monitoring solution. Read here to find out more.

ARTIKEL — Nov 17, 2021

5G Use Cases For Manufacturing

A factory successfully reduced 75% of their design process time with 5G. Read more to find out how they did it.

ARTIKEL — Nov 10, 2021

Gaining A New stream of Revenue With Data Insight

IoT is about more than just technology or smart solutions; it's about growing and expanding your business to generate new revenue streams.

NEWS — Nov 05, 2021
Top 4 Tech Trends for Business in 2022

There will always be the latest technology trends coming in the future. Here are 4 tech trends that

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The Unbeatable Business Benefits You’ll Gain Through Data Insight

Smart Manufacturing Solutions come with high ROI. With data Insights and the right implementation of

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Things That Make Your Business An Easy Cybercrime Target

Find out if your company is dealing with these four issues. Be wary of being a malware target.

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Improve OEE By Managing These 3 Potent Aspects

There are 3 problems that can impact your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Find out how IoT wi

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Top Business Rationale for Digital Transformation

With the unexpected and big shock of Covid-19 pandemic, digitization is a must. Here are top busines

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Three Financial Sector Security Threats To Be Aware Of

During Covid-19 era with a growing number of financial crime, the business leader must be prepared t

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The Significance of Workforce Training to Ensure a High-Class IoT Based Company

In the fast-paced technology and work changes, how does the company train their employees to meet th

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The Importance of IoT Role Transforming the Energy Sector

The growing energy industry requires businesses to adapt. Today, the presence of IoT technology has

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Why Big Data Is So Important For Business and Industry This Day

With the rapid development of technology and unexpected change in business needs, how can the indust

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How to Create Value from Your Manufacturing Data

Is your factory struggling creating value from your smart devices? Maybe you have scattered data. He