ARTIKEL — Oct 21, 2020

Artificial Intelligence of Things and Its Advantages for Your Enterprise

AI and IoT are two independent technologies that have a significant impact on industries. What can you achieve when you combine both of them?

ARTIKEL — Oct 14, 2020

The 5 Characteristics of a Digitally Maturing Enterprise

Seeing a digital transformation through to completion is not an easy task. Does your enterprise have what it takes to achieve digital maturity?

ARTIKEL — Oct 07, 2020

Digital Transformation and the Steps to Succeed in It

A digital transformation involves a number of complex processes, interactions, and technological changes. Here’s what you should do to ensure its success.

ARTIKEL — Sep 23, 2020

How Will IoT Empower Business Offices in the Future?

Offices are implementing IoT so that almost all aspects of the workspace are all data-enabled and driven. How does this affect employers, employees, and the office itself?

NEWS — Sep 16, 2020
Telkomsel IoT FleetSense: Creating a Smarter, Safer Transportation System with Visual Data and Analytics

In a dynamic environment, any business in the transportation-based industry needs a reliable solutio

NEWS — Sep 09, 2020
Bringing Back Stability to Your Business with Industrial IoT

Ensuring business stability requires the right strategies and tools. Here are the important steps an

NEWS — Sep 02, 2020
4 Important Steps in Building a Resilient Organization

Apart from digital transformation, your team has to be resilient to maintain effective business oper

NEWS — Aug 26, 2020
Maintaining Business Continuity and Mitigating Risks Post-Global Pandemic

The global pandemic made maintaining business more challenging, but by implementing the right strate

NEWS — Aug 19, 2020
How IoT Technology Increases Resilience for Public Transportation

In public transportation operations, resilience is vital. Here’s how IoT can make them more effici

NEWS — Aug 12, 2020
IoT As a Part of Your Digital Transformation Agenda

Your digital transformation strategy will determine how your business development goes in the future

NEWS — Aug 05, 2020
How IoT Helps Your Business Return to Optimal Performance

Securing business continuity while facing COVID-19 might sound difficult to do, but with the right I

NEWS — Jul 29, 2020
Internet of Things: Definisi, Sejarah, Manfaat & Penerapan

Pandemi mempercepat rate adopsi solusi digital di banyak perusahaan, salah satunya teknologi Interne

NEWS — Jul 22, 2020
Deciding an Effective Business Development Strategy with IoT

IoT has the power to streamline business operations and improve efficiency in any industry. This art

NEWS — Jul 15, 2020
Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT becomes the driving force behind increased innovation in many industries. How is it d

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