Designing Real Solutions to Real Problems Together

Here at Telkomsel, we believe that continuous innovation is required to keep a business growing. That’s why we commit to working with fellow innovators at TINC, Telkomsel Innovation Center, to create well-designed IoT solutions for various industries.

Supporting Environment

Developing an IoT solution isn’t just about producing hardware, but also the application, middleware platform and connectivity. By engaging during the product development phase, we get to unite these different aspects and create a solution that truly works.

Business Acceleration

Through incubation activities, we’re creating sustainable synergy between Innovator and Telkomsel. This synergy is needed to improve capabilities to acquire the market. More than that, we look forward to cultivate collaboration to build commercially-ready solutions.


Separate each validation process into stages, we will ensure the activities run smoothly with proper funding. At the completion of this process, the results are expected to meet product-market fit criteria and commercially ready to enter the market.

Got a Creative Idea?

Innovate with us Using the Latest IoT Technology Supported by the Experts at TINC.