One Connectivity Management Platform for Various Businesses

A standardized Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) radio protocol technology that is developed specifically for IoT devices. Highly efficient with low-cost module, up to 10 years worth of battery life, and reliable LTE level security.


E-fishery is an aquaculture start-up that developed an automatic fish feeder using NB-IoT technology. It schedules fish feeding times, checks on water quality, and monitors fish behavior for analytics. It lowers the risk of overfeeding, keeps water pollution at a minimum, lowers labor cost, and helps farmers stay updated on the fishes’ condition anytime, anywhere.

Electricity Provider

In collaboration with PLN DISJAYA, Telkomsel created an automated meter reading system solution that is connected to PLN DISJAYA’s database through telco connectivity. It allows accurate real-time meter reading which helps control costs, monitor usage and energy usage behavior, and prevents fraud caused by leakage. PLN DISJAYA also saves cost from regular pay site visits needed for manually recording the meter. With NB-IoT technology, this intelligent pressure/temperature/level sensor could work for up to 10 years.


Spekun is the first NB-IoT with 4th+ Generation Bike Sharing system that uses mobile app to search, pay, unlock or lock bike. Bikes are monitored and managed in real-time through a simple dashboard. Spekun provides a safe, healthy, and easy alternative transportation to customers.


Cover Massive Grounds and Massive Number of Connections

Maximize your business with a technology specifically made for IoT use.

LTE / 3G
Large packet size / payload
High data rate
Large bandwidth
Low delay tolerant or real-time apps (latency below 1s)
Short battery life
High device cost and connectivity cost
High power consumption
Short-mid coverage
Small packet size/payload
Low data rate
Low bandwidth
High delay tolerant (latency 1,5s-10s)
Very long battery life
Low device cost and connectivity cost
Low power consumption using battery
Long range coverage and deep penetration; concrete building, underground and basement

Innovation doesn’t have to Cost Much

Deploy faster, further, with more connected devices, on less cost.

Higher ROI

Chipset and module cost around $5 which allows you to deliver a higher ROI on your asset.

Lower Operational Cost

With up to 10 years of energy consumption, you can save costs from device and battery maintenance.

Bigger Service Coverage

NB-IoT’s high end-point density also allows for a higher number of connected devices.

Higher Data Confidentiality

Get secure connectivity and strong authentication with LTE level security.


Your IoT Device’s Workhorse

Whatever industry you’re in, utilizing NB-IoT’s uniqueness can give you the market edge you need.

Optimized Power Consumption

Up to 10 years of battery life

High Propagation: Better Coverage

+ 20dB link budget (vs. GSM)

High End-Point Density

>100,000 connections per cell

Low Complexity Devices

Targeting modules costing just a few $

Limited Throughput


Bi-Directional Communication

Uplink and downlink capability

LTE Level Security

Encryption, SIM-based authentication

Global Standard in Licensed Spectrum

Standardized R13


How it works


Device with NB-IoT

Device with NB-IoT

Chipset, and Module Integrated IoT chipset.


NB-IoT Base Station

NB-IoT Base Station


IoT Core

IoT Core

MME, HSS, PGW, SGW via S1-lite.


IoT Platform

IoT Platform

via IP Based Connection.


Third Party IoT APP Server

Third Party IoT APP Server

Application: HTTP, TCP/IP.

Application: AMQP, TCP/IP.

Application: CoAP, UDP/IP.

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