Protect your global network without reduced performance

Secure all incoming traffic from threats and exploitations with a comprehensive IoT security solution. With a fully-secured business network, taking your business’ productivity and performance even further won’t be a daunting task.

More Protective Measures for ATM Connections

Even the majority of ATM networks use next-level encryption to protect the sensitivity of the financial data, the rise of ATM attacks pushes banking companies to take more protective measures. IoT Sphere’s VPN connectivity protects the ATM network from unwanted URLs and allows administrators to add a new layer of authentication security protocol.

Remote Office Network

In modern office setup, enterprises protect users and applications within direct-to-cloud architecture over the Internet. Typically, they are having difficulties in controlling such network, putting its security model at risk. IoT Sphere provides a comprehensive cloud security system, enabling them to control usage and application access in order to reduce phishing, malware, and virus threats regardless of the location of the applications.


The vast variety of attacks is no longer a concern

Defend your business’ connectivity through a simple dashboard and frequently-updated worldwide threat database.

Just On Click

Easy-to-configure platform with simple GUI access and detailed threat reporting system.

Security and Threats Protection

Worldwide virus, malware, and other malicious threat database integration with all-automated actions.

Device Agnostic

Applicable for all devices and applications, supported with End Device Protection and non-intrusive threat monitoring system.

Routing and Filtering

Prevent data usage fraud through comprehensive segmentation and filtering system.


Manage and protect every access from any threat

Ensure network safety with efficient threat monitoring and quick mitigation system

Always Safe, Always Secure

Real-time protection for quicker threat detection and preventive actions.

Simple Integration

Easily integrate reliable end-to-end security services to existing applications without hampering their performance.

Cost-effective Security Services

Increase business productivity with the help of faster configuration management and complete service visibility.

Secure, Efficient Data Usage Management

Private connection and flexible filtering system on open IPs, services, and applications.


Easily identify and mitigate potential attacks on your connected devices

Safeguard every connection within your IoT devices and applications

Threat Protection

Real-time protection to ensure business safety and security

Access Control List

Set the rules and policies to allow or block network access

URL Filtering

Block suspicious types of website traffic from infecting your device

DNS Security

Safeguard your DNS by lowering the risk of web-delivered malware

Deep Packet Inspection

Evaluate the contents of a packet that is going through a checkpoint

Inspect, Detect, Action

Fast threat mitigation system to ensure security and productivity

VPN Connectivity

Secure, safe site-to-site connectivity and remote access

End Device Protection

Protect against internal tampering or accidental exposure to malware

Zero-Day Attack Mitigation

Detect and defend your software from unknown vulnerability exploitation

Dashboard Management

Set up and manage every layer of security based on your needs

Reporting Management

Get detailed analytics and reports on every service activity


A safer network for your IoT ecosystem

Multilayer network security solution for all your assets


Dashboard, Reporting, Multitenancy, User and Multirule policy

Security Action

Inspection, Detection, Alerting and Autoblocking


Site-to-site VPN and Client-to-site VPN


IP whitelisting, IP blacklisting, IP routing table and Port policy

Access Control

URL filtering, DNS security, IP reputation and Scheduled access

Deep Packet Inspection

Signature, Certificate and Apps ID

End Device Protection

Client apps installed on device

Zero-Day Attack Mitigation

Automatic threat database library update


How it works


Customer Device

Customer Device

Multilayer security on customer’s embedded systems.

- End device protection

- Device agnostic

- SIM access protection


Management Portal

Management Portal

IoT Sphere’s management portal monitors every network access and traffic security.

- Customer-defined routing URL filtering, and policy

- Deep packet inspection

- Comprehensive threat prevention


Telkomsel Smart Connectivity

Telkomsel Smart Connectivity

Secure VPN and Leased Line connectivity based on customer preference.

- Multiple access to customer’s server

- Secure VPN connectivity

- Flexible routing management


Customer Platform

Customer Platform

Cloud, on-premise, or combined monitoring platform.

- VPN, role, policy, and end device management

- Seamless data transfer

- Efficient data usage management

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