Understand your business deeply with data insight

Various problems in manufacturing can be detected and overcome by making decisions based on accurate data. Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing is designed to form a digital ecosystem in your company with Manufacturing Execution System (MES). MES can integrate and analyze data for data-driven decision making, increase efficiency, productivity and operational security in your company's.

How does data insight address the challenges in your company?

The common problems that occur in the manufacturing industry like lack of efficiency, productivity, and operational security, were usually caused by a lack of visibility in the data field. As a result, the company's growth could be hampered and competitive edge could be lost. Read some industry cases that have been successfully implemented.


Increase performance and profit for your company

Factory Logistics Cost Efficiency

Reduce logistics costs by 21%

Maintenance Cost Efficiency

Reduce company maintenance costs

Production Equipment Effectiveness

All production work more effectively

Risk of Injury in Operation

Minimize the risk of injury in hazardous operational work

Increase Production Yield

Production yield increased by 20%

Reduce Unexpected Damage

Minimize the various damages caused by the unexpected events


Don’t make it hard on yourself. Manage with simplicity

Building a smart manufacturing system requires many complex components. You don't have to worry about this. Leave it to our IoT Experts to design the right solution for you.


Providing comprehensive connection across all company locations.


The system will analyze problems and opportunities from various sides to generate useful insights for business development.

Account Management

Telkomsel IoT will manage your billing, connectivity to any after sales services you need.

System Integrator

Integrating all hardware and software into a comprehensive MES.

Cyber Security

The system comes with an advanced protection for your data, network and company information.


How it works




Open consultation and identify what your company needs.




Designing the enterprise system architecture, software, and hardware for your company needs.




Installing the design solution in your factory and training the staff to adapt to the new system.


After Sales Service

After Sales Service

We are able to accommodate all complaints and provide a full service to solve problems in the field.

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