IoT Managed CCTV

Comprehensive security system to protect your premises

Safeguard your business locations from financially-devastating burglary and break-ins with reliable, secure, and cost-effective Managed CCTVs at all times, anywhere.


Non-stop superior defense

Reliable computer vision security solution to guard your premises with intelligence


Protect your premises and valuable assets against unwanted events through 24/7/365 Live Monitoring Center (LMC)


Extensive ecosystem through a dedicated supervisory team at the LMC to verify events and prevent false alarms


Detect unusual events with reliable CCTV and wireless alarm accessible via real-time monitoring dashboard


Scale down unwanted events with adjustable preventive scenario actions such as warning via a two-way audio system, sirens, or smoke generator

Financial and Banking

ATM break-ins and robberies are increasingly becoming a major concern for banks. IoT Managed CCTV provides real-time visibility to secure banks’ business premises from such incidents, protecting valuable assets and increasing customer satisfaction.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Through cost-effective and reliable managed services, retail and consumer goods can now visually monitor and secure their physical stores, warehouses, even R&D labs from break-ins and stolen goods.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The theft and damage of healthcare devices can result in an expensive loss for hospital operators. IoT Managed CCTV can help them monitor wards, corridors, and medical equipment storage alike, preventing unauthorized persons from entering.

Government and Public Sector

Government has the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of large populations in public areas. In a public transport station, for example, IoT Managed CCTV can be combined with panic buttons and alarm system for improved safety monitoring and minimize crime through quick preventive actions.


Prevent the loss of valuable assets and increase customer satisfaction

Maintain the security of your locations and gain insights for your business

Reliable Preventive Actions

Adjustable fraud prevention actions to increase security at business premises


Managed services enable better OpEx cost control and deliver higher ROI on asset utilization

Reach Every Corner

Faster national-scale deployment with the ability to reach remote areas

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Real-time Live Monitoring Center to ensure the best service to customers

Improved Business Performance

24/7 visibility of asset operations for maximum operational and core business performance


Deter unwanted incidents at your doorsteps

Ensure your business’ safety through one-stop advanced visual monitoring solution

Advanced Visual Monitoring System

Computer vision cameras are integrated with wireless alarms which allow immediate analyzing, filtering, and alerting

Preventive Action

Powered by analytics, the system can activate preventive action scenarios.

Easy Installation

Combine CCTVs with wireless alarm sensors for easier deployment without complicated wiring method

Reliable Solutions

Cost-effective device and connectivity from Telkomsel IoT Managed Service Connectivity, including nation-wide maintenance support

Live Monitoring Center

Observe, manage, and secure your premises or assets right through an easy-to-use dashboard


How it works




Primary and additional monitoring devices installed in the desired business location


Private APN

Private APN

Private APN (Access Point Name) provides more security control and IoT SIM Card configurations for customers




Security application platform


Live Monitoring Center

Live Monitoring Center

Live Monitoring Center with a dedicated 24/7/365 supervisory team to verify events


Dashboard Monitoring (View-Only)

Dashboard Monitoring (View-Only)

Visually track customer inventory with real-time data analytics for better decision-making

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