Easily Automate Your IoT Device Management

A reliable and secure cloud-based solution that automates the management of your IoT devices. Control center’s powerful automation and tracking feature (LOCI) provides asset visibility and safety, ensuring the reliability of your connected services, device usage optimization, and cost predictability.


As one of Indonesia's major bank, BRI needs to keep their business connected to a secure and reliable network 24/7 across Indonesia. By using Leased Line connection and APN Corporate for their EDC and ATM machines, BRI can now provide user access to certain network services and applications keeping their network highly secure. Additionally, with IoT Control Center's smart management platform, BRI has the ability to directly access a device and do so through a secure 2-way connection.

Client : Bank BRI
Implementation : EDC & ATM


Pertamina's Smart SPBU uses Leased Line Connection and APN Corporate in their EDC devices and the terminal BBM system. The IoT Control Center platform enables them to record all transactions straight from the nozzle of the gas pump and send it to Pertamina's corporate server. The IoT CC management platform provides an easy way to manage the devices with 2-way connection while providing high security access for sensitive data.

Client : Pertamina
Implementation : Terminal BBM System & EDC


OVO uses internet and APN Corporate by simply placing an IoT Sim Card in each of their EDC devices. The setup is quick and easy with an affordable monthly fee. Once connected, the status of each device can be easily managed and monitored in IoT Control Center dashboard.

Client : OVO
Implementation : EDC


ALFA Group uses Leased Line Connection and APN Corporate in their POS (Point of Sales) machines. These machines are connected to an IoT Control Center Modem using cable. Through this robust and secure line, each POS machine can send all transaction data to ALFA Group's corporate server. Each SIM card in the modem receives an IP address from the corporate network which provides the user access to allowed network services and applications.

Client : ALFA Group
Implementation : POS


Smart Lighting Santini adalah provider smart lighting di Surabaya. Santini menyediakan barisan lampu jalan yang terhubung ke Main Control Terminal. Lampu-lampu ini dapat dinyalakan dan dimatikan sesuai aktivitas di jalan raya atau jadwal yang ditentukan, juga diagnosa kerusakan. Setiap terminal memiliki modem IoT Control Center yang terhubung ke server dan dashboard Santini. Menggunakan jaringan terpercaya, Santini menghemat biaya pembuatan, biaya bulanan, juga dengan mudah mengelola setiap akses SIM card ke APN.

Client : Santini
Implementation : Smart Lighting


PLN's Smart Metering uses Leased Line Connection and APN Corporate to connect different power houses to PLN's server. IoT Control Center helps each smart meter to send real-time data of the status and usage of the power house. When an anomaly is detected, like theft or broken component, PLN can pin point to the location easily and immediately work on solving the problem. By using leased line PLN keeps their network highly secure with specific user access to allowed network services and applications. PLN also gain the ability to directly address a device in reliable 2-way connection.

Client : PLN
Implementation : Smart Metering

Support Your Business Model

With a powerful, one-stop management solution

Manage IoT Device Lifecycle

Manage SIM lifecycle on your own terms and monitor its usage.

Smart Inventory Management

View all assets by the parameters that matter to your business in our highly configurable platform.

Quick Diagnostics

Near real time diagnostics and analytics allows you to identify and respond to unusual device behavior before it becomes a problem.

Set & Forget Automation

Automate everything from lifecycle management to diagnostics to controlling devices in the field.

API Integration

With 100+ APIs it’s easy to manage devices, change rate plans and much more. Automate critical business processes and leverage our business partnerships with various tech platforms.

Instant Billing Access

Automatically manage any kind of billing process with ease.


Everything Your Business Needs in One Configurable Platform

Increase your business value like never before

Lower operational cost

Minimize the ineffective use of resources and keep labor costs low with automation.

Excellent customer satisfaction

Resolve 80% of support issues immediately before a complaint call comes in.

Higher productivity

Self-automated provisioning for easier deployment and monitor data consumption in real time.

Gain impactful insight

Export detailed data into any financial, BI system for tactical ways to grow your business.

Better device management

Minimize fraudulent activities by setting up alerts and automatic actions.


A Powerful Solution to Support Your Powerful Business

Total productivity no matter how many devices you’re managing

Support industrial & non-industrial M2M Cards

- Industrial Grade with spec. -40oC to +105oC

- 64K/128K, Disable PIN, OTA support
- Services coverage across Indonesia.
- eSIM (embedded SIM, inc. eUICC function for multiple SIM profiles based on physical location)

Full access to Telkomsel IoT Control Center

- Complete suite of developer tools
- User logins for everyone on your team
- Same environment for testing and deployment
- API integration to existing system

Location information (LOCI)

- Enabling Location Information of SIMs

Real-time testing tools

- Test-as-you-build for fast, quality development
- Visibility into device and network behavior
- Diagnostic and troubleshooting help
- Automation engine to support scalability operation

Exceptional Developer Support

- Developer guidelines
- Full access APIs


- Setup connectivity with private  APN, IP static or IP Public static.


How it works


IoT 4G SIM Card

IoT 4G SIM Card


Telkomsel Support

Telkomsel Support

LTE, 3G, NB-IoT.


Customer Device

Customer Device


Control Center Platform

Control Center Platform

M2M Data center > WebGUI / API > Internet > Application Server.

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