Total Visibility, Total Control

A bulk liquid management solution that keeps your inventory visible 24/7, in real-time. Easily track and control your stock inventory with supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, and get intelligent business insight, all in one simple dashboard.

Supported Business Sectors

Gas Stations

Heavy Machineries

Industrial & Manufacturing Plants


Mining Plant

Mixture Truck

Power Plants

Tanker and Distributors

Telco Base Stations

Vessel, Tug Boats


Go Beyond Inventory Management into Insightful Business Development

Gain total visibility over your whole chain supply

Better Inventory Management

24/7 real-time monitoring latest condition of on-site stock volume status in multiple location.

Lower Inventory Loss

Leakage alerts keep your valuable assets monitored.

Better Consumption and Usage Management

Usage from actual consumption data records helps to analyze customer’s usage trend.

30% Increased Efficiency

Maximize your ROI by investing in the technology that manages everything for you.

Better Maintenance Management

Engine diagnostics enables to minimize unplanned cost.

Lower Transportation Costs

Real-time information helps keep deliveries timely and cost-effective.

Lower Labor Costs

Automation with high accuracy enables to reduce labor costs.


Optimize Your Supply Chain

Easily track your inventory in your site or on the road.

Consumption & Usage

Analyze trend of usage from actual consumption data records.

Engine Operation Hours

Monitor machine uptime for asset management and maintenance.

Inventory Stock

Always updated to on site stock volume level status.

Location & Map

Track your assets distribution and movements real-time.


Maintain your inventory in desired site temperature conditions.


Tailor Your Package

Get the solution that fits your needs and budget.

Safety Compliance
  • International certifications (General Safety Requirements and Electromagnetic Compability Conformity, Technical Reglament of Safety of Auto-Transport Vessel Conformity, Measuring Device Approval Certificates)
  • Ingress protection
  • Device warranty
Centralized Solution
  • Cloud based data center, cost efficiency from on site silo servers
  • Remote and over the air congfigurations
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts from enterprise head offices
End To End & Service
  • Single point IoT solution provider : device, connectivity, platform, applications, network, etc.
  • Installation and system integrations
  • Manage services and low maintenance system
  • Dedicated account manager and online customer support

How it works


IoT Sensors

IoT Sensors

Tank data from sensors are sent through wireless getaway.


IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Information are processed and stored in the server.


Online Dashboard

Online Dashboard

Monitoring is accessible online and getting real time insight.

Ready to Manage Your Inventory with Total Visibility?

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