Improve overall fleet safety and security through total visibility

AI-based telematics and fleet management solution enables fleet owners to gain visibility on vehicles, improving overall safety and security.

Railway Companies

Railway companies have been experiencing safety accidents that remained unsolved due to a lack of visibility and evidence. Using Telkomsel IoT FleetSense, they can now gain real-time visibility on trainset performance and safety compliances to improve their overall safety, security, and customer satisfaction.

Mining Operators

Safety is paramount for mining operations. Mining operators have gained real benefits from using Telkomsel IoT FleetSense solution. Through real-time visibility, they can now identify fatigued and misconducting vehicle operators while on the job and take preventive action on those events.


The comprehensive solution to reduce driving risks and take action in real-time

One-stop solution for increasing security and safety of fleet operation through Artificial Intelligence

Integrated Solution

Integrates mobile video digital recorder and various cameras with fleet management solution

Active Safety Management

Increase vehicle safety and its surroundings with Front Collision Warning and Pedestrian Detection

Driver Status Monitoring (DSM)

Monitor driver condition like fatigue, distraction from smoking or mobile phones, and driver presence on the front seat

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Detect complex situations and provide early warning with Lane Departure Warning and Distance Monitoring

Advanced Camera-Based Solutions

Other AI-based camera solutions such as passenger counter and container status monitoring


Increase your fleet’s safety and performance with intelligent visual monitoring solution

Ensure your fleet arrives safe and sound

Smarter, Safer Operation

Increased operational safety and security through total visibility on overall performance

Easier Analysis

Constant alerts ensure that any analysis needed can be requested in real-time

Improved Fleet Safety

AI-based telematics for increased vehicle safety from hard-to-predict surroundings

Take Quicker Action

Live-feed allows operators to take immediate action after an incident takes place

Increased Driver and Passenger Safety

Monitor vehicles and gather data to create safer conditions for passengers


Reach your destination safely, efficiently

Gain visibility of your moving assets and drivers as they travel

Live View

Remotely monitor the current fleet operation


View recorded events happened all over the monitored area


Obtain solid evidence for further incident investigation


Locate and optimize your fleet’s performance on the road

Driver Status Monitoring

Driver Status Monitor (DSM) alert including driver fatigue, phone, smoke, driver distraction, and no driver warning system

Lane Departure Warning

Generates alert when the vehicle speed exceeds 60 km/hr and tends to breach a lane

Front Collision Warning

Activates text-to-speech and icon change alert when the current vehicle distance is less than the preset time threshold

Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian Detection technology with notification, icon change, and text-to-speech warning system

Distance Monitoring

ADAS camera detects, measures, and shows ahead vehicle distance in real-time


Receive real-time alerts on occurring events


The complete solution for a smarter fleet operation

Increase fleet performance with reliable technology

Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR)

Advanced video monitoring solution for improved driver, passenger, and vehicle safety

  • Vibration-proof Mobile Digital Video Recorder unit
  • Large capacity & shock-proof HDD storage
  • 8-channel analog camera + 4-channel IP
  • Video accessible through Telkomsel IoT FleetSight dashboard
Driver Status Monitoring (DSM)

Advanced AI-based driver status management system

  • Supports IPC resolution 720p & 1080p
  • Supports 940 supplement light
  • IP54 waterproof and dustproof design
  • Fatigue Driving Warning (FDW)
  • Handphone Warning (HPW)
  • Driver Smoking Warning (DSW)
  • Driver Distraction Warning (DDW)
  • No Driver Waning (NDW)
  • Works in any environment
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Detects situations and provides early warning to reduce driving risks

  • 1080p ADAS camera resolution
  • IP54 waterproof and dustproof design
  • Front Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Distance Monitoring
  • Pedestrian Detection

How it works


Event Detection

Event Detection

On-vehicle sensors (DSM/ADAS) detects current events


Event Recording

Event Recording

Events captured and saved in the MDVR’s storage drive


Data and Alert Transmission

Data and Alert Transmission

MDVR sends data to the on-cabin alert device and cloud-based server on customer premises


Telkomsel 4G Smart Connectivity

Telkomsel 4G Smart Connectivity

Reliable, secure 4G connectivity provided by Telkomsel


View Saved Events

View Saved Events

View captured events through monitoring dashboard on customer premises

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