When you have the ability to monitor the quality of your indoor, outdoor and in-transit business assets in real-time, managing your business gets incredibly easy.

Manage your indoor, outdoor, and in-transit business goods and assets in real-time using an end-to-end Industrial IoT-enabled asset monitoring solution. With automatic reporting, alerting, and data insights gathering, your overall management process will be much easier.


Run your business without worrying your assets

Get business benefits through the use of end-to-end BLE-based technology from the device to the monitoring dashboard.


Advanced, accurate sensor-based recording technology

24/7 Visibility

Real-time, remote condition monitoring (e.g. temperature) of business assets indoor, outdoor and during shipment

Cost Control

Monitoring dashboard to optimize asset usage hours

Prevent Theft/Loss

Prevent theft/loss possibility by knowing assets location

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize overall goods delivery process

Notifications and Alerts

Identify anomalies from alerts and changes in trends

Warehouse Monitoring

Efficient and effective space utilization can provide customers to reduce inventory holding costs. Avoid inventory placement redundancies and help speed up items’ turn-around time in the customer's warehouse using high-coverage monitoring beacon.

Spoilage Monitoring

Before getting to the customer, food must travel far to preserve fresh quality, thus refrigerated shipping units and storage facilities are essential. To ensure the freshness at maximum, beacons and gateway can be deployed in warehouses, shipping vehicles, even refrigerators to provide accurate and consistent monitoring of temperature data.

Pharmaceutical Monitoring

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, bad environment can be fatal. This obstacle can be easily tackled using asset monitoring solution. By establishing visibility through multiple high-coverage beacons in production and storage environment, indicators such as temperature, humidity, and light can be monitored to prevent damaged products.


Keep your assets at peak quality, at all times.

Monitor your assets’ status through cutting-edge technology and comprehensive reports.

Real-time Condition
  • Device online status
  • Battery Level
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Location
  • Ambient
Historical Reports
  • Custom Templates
  • Charts & Tabular Visuals
  • File Exports
  • Trend Analytics
Notifications and Alerts
  • Customized Parameters
  • On-Dashboard & Emails
  • User Stage Leveling
  • Tamper Alert
  • Geofence/zoning

With total visibility, monitoring your assets is no longer a challenge

Watch over your assets through accessible dedicated IoT platform, anytime and anywhere.

Inventory Stock

Stay updated with the latest condition of business assets in your warehouse


Maintain your assets in the desired site temperature level.

Location and Map

Track your assets’ distribution and movements in real-time

Find Asset

Find your asset in a more convenient and easier way