ARTICLES — August 25, 2022

Winner of 9 Selular Awards Categories

We're humbled to receive the 19th Selular Award 2022 presented by Selular Media Network.


We won nine award categories in total, which are:

- The Best Digital Service

- The Best Initiative for Digital Transformation

- The Best Video Performance

- The Best Gaming Performance Experience

- The Best Home Internet Solution for Telkomsel Orbit

- The Best Mobile Innovation for The Connected Human (IoT)

- The Best Second Sim Card for by.U

- The Best Telco App for by.U

- The Most Innovative Data Package for by.U


The Selular Award celebrates industry key players that successfully navigate challenges and business dynamics throughout the year.


Winning the prestigious award shows our commitment to building Indonesia’s digital infrastructure through innovative technology and services.


We thank Selular Media Network for the recognition and the continued support to help businesses win in the digital ecosystem.

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