ARTICLES — August 22, 2022

Why Creating Your Own Smart Manufacturing Solutions is Better

Designing Your Own Smart Manufacturing Solution To Answer Your Company's Needs


Since smart manufacturing will slowly become a backbone of the manufacturing industry, every company may have a common goal to gain the best implementation of smart manufacturing. But, every company has different challenges and goals too, and smart manufacturing implementation in their shop floor will not be executed 100% effectively with just buying the existing solutions.


In order to reach that 100% effectiveness, the company needs a smart strategy to create their own smart manufacturing solutions without worrying about losing directions. So, here are the benefits that you can get by picking up the right strategy to create your own smart manufacturing solutions. 


Customize your solutions, get exactly what you need


Building your smart factory is not only about performance, sophisticated technology or expensive expenses. The strategy is to build a system that comes up to solve your specific problem, instead of being distracted by unnecessary issues. 


The companies can start with excelence understanding about big data of their own. Then, they can focus on analysis and process the data to gain insights. This strategy also can be adjusted to the company's operational goals and existing challenges, including your budget capability.


Cost savings


IoT devices, wireless connectivity, and other technological advancements are on the rise. But that doesn’t mean the existing technology is being left, because building the smart manufacturing solutions doesn’t always require a brand new technology. You can still leverage the existing tech or legacy equipment without having to throw it in vain. Then, you can combine your new pieces of technology and legacy equipment, and integrate them into one sinergy. 


Yes, all the integration is complex since the company must consider a network composed of many pieces of new and legacy equipment that creates a massive amount of data. But this complexity can be mitigated by using edge analytics. The edge analytics can be used to connect devices and the cloud, providing a local source of storage and processing to ensure smooth communication between. In the end when you succeed in integrating all of them, you will save a lot of expenses that you may have worried about for a long time. 


In the end, it’s not an easy task at all and should not be done alone. By collaborating with Telkomsel IoT, the companies can specifically identify what kind of design solution they need from analyzing problems into customized solutions, including installation and user training. The synergy of companies and IoT provider collaboration is essential to building effective solutions, for today, and in the future. Just contact us and we are ready to help you build long term collaboration.

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