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Unique Cases With Automated Technology

Unique Cases With Automated Technology


Automated devices are growing and becoming more closely related to people’s daily activities. With daily busy and fast-paced lives, people can benefit from automated technology. Instead of breeding laziness, this technology has to be seen as an opportunity to make people more productive both in their work life as well as their personal ones. While automated technology can resonate with people on an emotional level, it also has to be practical as well. Here are unique cases that included automated technology that people will be drawn to. 


Automated window washer


Have you ever wondered how window wash workers manage their fear of heights? Or how does the safety system work to guarantee their safety? Now, it won’t be an issue anymore. According to Skyline Ltd, the company is set to deploy its high-rise-window-cleaning robot, Ozmo, in the commercial market for the first time. 


Ozmo works by scanning the building surfaces and puts force sensors that allow it to apply the right amount of force to the windows. In order to achieve optimal results, the system recalculates its cleaning path hundreds of times per second. Although this technology comes to decrease many dangers of window washing, it will not completely eliminate human washers. The machine requires a human operator to control it from a distance. 


End to end pizza service 


Piestro, a robotic pizza company, is partnering with Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, piloting its autonomous pizza-making. While customer demand for fast food and delivery remains high, on the other side the hospitality sector faces shortages and high cost challenges. This is the reason why robotics is seen as a solution for those challenges. As the automated technology development continues to improve, Piestro estimates that their technological adoption will give them strategic advantages, such as speed to market, labor reduction, low rent cost and profit margin, and high consistency in their finished product. 


Driverless street sweeper


Have you ever seen the street full of trash and dirty after new year eve? Then the workers have started to clean it up by the early morning of next day? Now, there’s a new fleet in China to keep the streets clean – Robosweeper. This fleet is to be the country’s first mass-produced and will be put to the test. 


The user has a custom-built cloud-based platform to manage the fleet, with the platform becoming the brain and command center. The system works by giving real-time information about routes, operations status, route management, providing smart scheduling, and remote dispatching. This will be a big opportunity for a collaboration between tech companies and commercial vehicle makers.  


Automated pet toys


Pets frequently want to play with their owner with some kind of laser pointers. But the owner also has limited energy and time. The Laser Collar Pet Toy is a tool to ensure your pet can play even if you are not around. When activated, this tool will run for 15 minutes before automatically turning off to ensure your pet friend doesn't go absolutely excited or angry. The Laser Collar Pet Toy has various settings to make sure your companion never gets bored and can be sized to fit a large variety of breeds.


With automation technology growing faster than ever before, leaders will first need to identify where automation could transform their business and then make a plan to run a new business enabled by automation itself. So, Telkomsel IoT will provide you with a heat map that can help to guide, identify, and prioritize the potential activities that could be transformed. Just contact our expert and let’s bring automation into your transformed businesses.

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