ARTICLES — September 16, 2022

The Urgency of Transforming Into IoT Integrated Manufacture

Benefits of Maximizing IoT Smart Manufacturing


Since 5G connectivity has come to open possibilities beyond our imagination, smart manufacturing is one thing that will unlock the future. 


Telkomsel is one of the mobile operators in Indonesia that has developed a 5G-based solution to support automated guided vehicles, remote assistance, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Those technologies are all the good stepping stones to implementing smart manufacturing. So, here are the reasons why you have to upgrade your manufacturing now. 


Operational benefits


As the company implements a 5G-based solution, the manufacturer could provide their staff to equip VR headsets that can help them to fix faulty machinery and enable real-time reporting on plant operations. Now, managers don’t have to worry about weekly reports, giving them more control and focus on managerial stuff. 


Improve end-to-end supply chain management


Since smart Manufacturing solutions are designed to enable the customer’s end-to-end supply chain to become more integrated, processing and packaging have been digitized too. Every aspect can be tracked and analyzed, from raw materials to delivery. This improvement will enhance production control and monitoring, execution and traceability, and management.


Reduce human error


By implementing automated processes, smart manufacturing will help the business to handle its project more efficiently. The company also can leverage digital technologies to improve inline quality checks, food safety monitoring that will reduce human error to nearly zero. 


Maintenance Benefits


By applying predictive maintenance, the company can do predictions and practical patterns that will prevent your company from many problems in the future. This predictive maintenance will make it possible for the company to identify, prematurely, breakages, and possible incidents at any step of the production machinery. 


As many advantages of Smart Manufacturing technology can be used, it is now more important to be up to date and doing transformation in this field. It is also important for companies to be able to cope with unforeseen events of all kinds in the future, which is a plus for any type of business. 


In conclusion, digitization has an essential role for companies to be aware of technological developments, be ready for facing the challenges ahead, and keep companies on the leading edge. Contact us and our team of experts will collaborate with you to boost your company with Telkomsel IoT.

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