ARTICLES — October 27, 2022

The Possibilities of Maximizing 5G in Indonesia

5G Brings New Capabilities That Open Up Big Opportunities


People always want speed, stable connectivity, or greater bandwidth for their networks. It comes naturally when everything in life goes faster. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks with up to 100 times faster than 4G. This 5G technology brings new capabilities that open up big opportunities for people, businesses and society. Here are some of the use cases that 5G can be implemented in the Indonesian environment today. 


Digitizing Mining


5G sets to improve efficiency and productivity for industries on a global scale. With such analyses, 5G in Indonesia will take the country’s fourth industrial revolution to a new high. Indonesia is a home to several mining companies. Safety and efficiency are the two most important concerns in the mining industry. This will open up 5G opportunities to boost those two concerns and make them into productivity.  


5G in Indonesia can be leveraged by providing AI-based tech for monitoring mining belt conveyors and unmanned trucks and excavators. As the process is all automated, warnings and troubleshooting can be detected in real-time. 


Agriculture Industry


In terms of reinventing the agriculture sector, 5G services will enable autonomous irrigation and smart farming with greater accuracy and less waste, aiming for a sustainable way of agriculture. Habibi Garden is a farming device that allows farmers to communicate with their crops using NB-IoT as one of those technologies with 5G capabilities such as wider network and low latency. 


With NB-IoT, the farmers now can feed the crops precisely based on real-time data. They also use Telkomsel IoT service utilizing real-time sensors to humidity, light intensity, and nutritional plants. These devices will gather information and process them so that data will be reported to the farmer. This technology will reduce cost, increase productivity, and reduce the possibility of crop failure. As a result of using the right technology, Habibi Garden won the 2019 Global Mobile (Glomo) Awards which was held at Mobile World Congress Barcelona.


Aquaculture Industry


Smart feed is another innovation that comes from leveraged by NB-IoT. eFishery is a company that uses NB-IoT devices to provide automated smartfeed to help fish and shrimp farmers. eFishery provides service to sow fish feeds based on time setting. The device also has sensors to detect water quality and weather conditions around the pond. The data is gathered, processed as a report to support farmers in analyzing environmental conditions.   

This project has received direct appreciation from the West Java Provincial Government for supporting the West Java Digital Village program to implement digital innovation in 10 villages from 5 cities through the adoption of IoT services held by Telkomsel, especially in fish farming.


With 5G connectivity increasingly urgent to be adopted, Telkomsel is the first company to release 5G connectivity according to regulations in Indonesia. Telkomsel believes that 5G use cases will eventually grow from the community itself. Now, leaders must recognize that 5G connectivity will be the best potential backbone for their companies and must believe that collaboration is the key to expanding the penetration of 5G connectivity. Just contact us and let’s collaborate to achieve your companies’ improvement by adopting 5G connectivity.

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