ARTICLES — July 01, 2022

Telkomsel IoT Released A One-Stop Smart Manufacturing Solution for Industrial Acceleration

It has always been Telkomsel’s mission to accelerate the transformation of cross-industrial sectors in Indonesia by utilizing the latest technology. As part of this effort, on June 9th 2022, the company launched a new service for the manufacturing industry called Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing.

IoT Smart Manufacturing service leverages Telkomsel's rich digital ecosystem to help companies answer specific industrial challenges in one place. It can transform a company's supply chain from upstream to downstream (end-to-end supply chain) thus helping it become integrated, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity, and operational security for business stability. 

As the vice president of internet of things at Telkomsel Alfian Manullang stated on the launch, “IoT Smart Manufacturing is not a product. It’s a solution.” It includes a business consultation, then solution designing and development, followed by implementation and staff training. Then, there’s the after-sales service to accommodate changes, further developments and integration.

These steps are put into a one stop system to IoT solutions adoption. The strong collaborative nature will nurture companies in their journey of digital transformation therefore helping them enjoy sustainable, long term benefits.

Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing service provides a comprehensive solution. It includes production control & monitoring, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), quality control using computer vision, manufacturing execution system (MES), and energy management. 

Additionally, any of the digital solution can be combined with other Telkomsel IoT solutions like IoT Asset Performance Management for warehousing needs, IoT Manage SD-WAN 5G for reliable and secure cloud-based connectivity solutions, IoT Fleetsight for asset monitoring, and IoT Control Tower for order management to build an increasingly integrated smart industrial ecosystem.

One of IoT Smart Manufacture’s user is PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia, the nation’s biggest brake manufacturer. Through the service, PT Akebono developed a polybox movement monitoring system by using RFID technology. It is known on the shopfloor as the Pulling System.

According to Daniel Suryananta, Technical Director from PT Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia, the Pulling System system has allowed users to monitor polybox movement faster, in real-time, and with accurate instant reporting. Therefore, increasing efficiency and productivity. Daniel also added, “The Pulling System is expected to save time about 20-30% which is quite a high percentage.”

Also present at the launch was Dr. Ir. Heru Kustanto, M.Si as Director of Center for Optimizing Industrial Technology Utilization and Industrial Service Policy from the Ministry of Industry. He commended Telkomsel for spearheading the digital transformation in Indonesia’s industrial sector. He believes that by developing more smart manufacturers, we can get closer to realizing Indonesia’s plan to be the 10 biggest economies in the world by 2030. Heru also encouraged the use of 5G connectivity for industrial IoT, augmented and virtual reality, lean digitalization systems, and energy efficiency.

Support for IoT Smart Manufacturing also comes from Chong Choon Jeng as the Director of IoT, 5G, and Cloud Regional ICT at Singtel Group Enterprise. He stated that IoT has a huge potential in Asia especially in developing countries like Indonesia due to its big market base. More manufacturers need to start their digital transformation journey while Akebono has proven to be more advanced in theirs.

Alfian closed the event’s discussion session with a quote, “In digital transformation, users are not buying products, they are looking for an outcome. In order to get there, companies need to adapt and their culture needs to change. IoT can help do that as a whole.”

Jeng agreed with the statement and concluded, “We don’t implement technology for the sake of doing it. There must be a goal in mind. And that goal has to be outcome driven.”

You too can implement a Smart Manufacturing system according to your company’s needs. Contact our IoT Expert to start your consultation today.

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