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Take Your Fresh Produce Delivery From Good to Great

Take Your Fresh Produce Delivery From Good to Great


How many times have you had experience with bad quality food in your storage? All of those experiences were caused by food delivery issues. These issues sometimes cannot be avoided and come from long-distance delivery, temperature, and humidity changes. But, can we actually predict unexpected things and answer challenges during food delivery?


Most of the challenges are within the supply chain when companies’ leaders don't have adequate data and insights for effective decision-making. As a result, fruits and vegetables wilt or rot quickly even when they are still in the supermarket refrigerator, driving up costs for growers, shippers and retailers. By implementing IoT-based solutions, companies can transform their traditional food supply chains. Here is how you leverage IoT-based solutions into your company.


Identifying the main issue


The first main issue is what factors that can affect food freshness and how we can keep that condition. The significant temperature variations can result in food spoilage. For example, fresh berries should be kept at 1.1 degrees Celsius throughout the shipment. Pallets of berries near the refrigeration system may be at 1.1 degrees Celsius, however pallets at the back of the trailer may be at 4.4 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, one pallet had a hotter temperature and had lost almost 10 days of shelf life, practically decomposing as it was being transported to the shop, resulting in waste and lost revenue.


Implementing IoT


IoT technologies can address supply chain requirements by providing data traces of all food manufacturing processes. By using IoT sensors in the delivery process, dispatchers will have full visibility of the movement of each asset through the supply chain to prevent rotting, and encourage gradual updates to the entire system.


In order to monitor temperature variations, autonomous IoT sensors will gather the data of food freshness throughout the supply chain. The sensors don’t require a worker to download  and email a spreadsheet for each pallet. They can be read autonomously, and the data can be uploaded to cloud-based applications that are used for analytics and decision making. 

With the use of data collection, it is important to gather the correct data and produce the right insights throughout operations, from farm to fork. It sounds hard, especially when it comes to time and cost-sensitive, such as the fresh food supply chain. But worry not, Telkomsel IoT Asset Performance Management will allow you to have the visibility to manage indoor, outdoor, and in-transit goods and assets in real time. The data collection will automatically report, alert, and give insights to your company. Let’s consult with us and by the time we start collaborating, your overall management process will be much easier.

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