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Real Cases That Are Suitable For Using NB-IoT

Real Cases That Are Suitable For Using NB-IoT


Have you tried to install WIFI throughout your business, but it ended up being costly? Or switch to bluetooth but still struggling with coverage? In order to manage that problems, NB-IoT comes with the solutions that enable a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) telecommunications technology – part of the 5G technology roadmap – which is specifically designed for communication between machines in a wider connectivity network coverage up to twice that of GSM technology. Here are the industries with their specific cases that leverage NB-IoT technology. 


Smart Water Meter


PDAM, a regional drinking water company has used NB-IoT for its water meter to increase their services by gathering information and controlling the current status of their water. In addition to detecting excessive water use and leaks in pipe installations, PDAM can also check water meters in real-time to calculate how much each customer has used. The usage of this technology can also decrease the possibility of errors in customer water meters, offer more accurate invoicing, and be coupled with prepaid systems to facilitate transactions between PDAMs and customers.


Smart Bin, Waste Management System


Indonesia's waste management system has been an issue for years. According to World Bank, they estimated Indonesia generated 175,000 tons of waste, including about 14 percent, or 24.500 tons a day of plastics in 2019. This is equal to about 8.9 million tons of plastic waste a year. This will require a lot of resources for sorting before the trash can be processed. 


However, waste management companies are able to utilize tons of waste and transform it into profit and this is where IoT comes in. Via dashboard monitoring, NB-IoT devices have the ability to send and receive fill level of bins data in real-time. Due to an optimized collision mechanism, NB-IoT also has very low packet losses (<5%) even over long-distance transmission. So, with multiple connected devices, even from long distances, each company in the waste industry is always able to interact with each other. 


In addition, by using the routing algorithm it will smartly find the shortest route for trucks to pick trash up and will prevent the overflow of garbage bins. As a result, this will impact the operation and collection costs. 


Agriculture Industry


By collaborating with e-Fishery, an Indonesian agricultural startup, Telkomsel IoT actualizes NB-IoT on smart sensing to provide an automated fish feed. Not only automates scheduled feeding with the right dosage but NB-IoT also records each feeding in real-time. Users can access feeding data anytime and anywhere. There are no longer overfeeding problems, irregular or diverted feeding of fish. This technology is specifically used to help fish and shrimp farmers. This is because fish feeding usually accounts for between 50 and 80 percent of the operating costs of a fish farm. 


With that NB-IoT technology that is designed to solve those specific cases, leaders now have the knowledge of what kind of solutions they can provide to their businesses. There is no need to worry about connectivity between wide areas or the need for real-time data transmission. This LPWAN network technology is specifically designed to support IoT devices with high efficiency, affordable prices, and long battery life. Just contact us and our expert will help you with advice and installation.

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