ARTICLES — August 25, 2022

How IoT Can Help with Sustainability Efforts

Ensure The Sustainability Optimization By Implementing IoT For Your Companies


Since climate change affects the social and environmental determinants of health – clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter – sustainability has become one of the most hot issues we are concerned about. According to CREA (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air) states that it takes IDR 5.1 trillion per year due to air pollution or air pollution from the Coal Steam Power Plant (PLTU). The 5.1 trillion is based on the cost of healthcare for diseases arising from diseases caused by air pollution.

IoT (Internet of Things) can play a critical role in building a more sustainable environment across industry. Even IoT technology is becoming prevalent in our daily activities, realizing ideas that were previously unfeasible, such as bringing significant environmental benefits. IoT will allow the company to connect almost any sensor device into one single platform, gathering and analyzing data into a powerful decision-making tool. This is how IoT penetrates deeper and can be used to help businesses that want to improve their sustainability.

Optimizing mobility

IoT technology services, such as Telkomsel IoT TOMS allows the company to centralize their operations, managing different delivery schedules for goods per location with 1 vehicle. The service provides you with an online dashboard and mobile app that will further optimize the business mobilty, tracking your delivery with an automated system. Companies also can benefit from this technology to predict how much fuel is used and take measures to save, forecast inventory more effectively, and reduce waste through machine learning.

Monitoring electricity and energy usage 

Telkomsel IoT Envion provides you an IoT-based energy monitoring solution with real-time monitoring and measuring electricity usage, energy usage alerting, and failure mitigation system to optimize energy consumption. With IoT Envion, you can now run your operations with an improved availability system and reduce maintenance cost. For further innovation, Telkomsel IoT Envion is also used for solar farm monitoring to give tower providers a total visibility on their solar farms. 

According to a research study by Ericsson, IoT and other emerging technologies can reduce global carbon emission by 15% in the next decade. With the connectivity and integrity that is built into almost any device, IoT technology enables all of the possibilities of better air quality and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions globally to become a reality.  So, as the leaders you can take part of this by collaborating with Telkomsel IoT. Just contact our experts and together we can make the world a smarter and more sustainable environment.

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