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Get Your Fleet Smarter With These Great Moves

Get Your Fleet Smarter With These Great Moves


Self-driving transportation is being developed both in the commercial market and industrial. There is no doubt that in the future, people will depend on this technology more than ever before. But in the meantime leaders and innovators can make a move to improve their fleets in their business lines. Here are Telkomsel IoT solutions to improve the fleets.




Visibility is a crucial factor for fleet managers. When you can see what’s happening with drivers and vehicles, problems don’t stay hidden for too long and managers will make decisions quickly. This means managers will get a better understanding about what’s happening on their drivers and vehicles and boost operational efficiency. 


As the industry demands accurate and up-to-the-minute data on information, what the company needs is just enough fleet management visibility to benefit their resources efficiently. Supported by a strong Telkomsel signal throughout Indonesia, Telkomsel FleetSight is management solutions that provide insight and professional services to increase the efficiency, productivity, and safety of your fleet. With FleetSight, you can access your fleet  that is always connected anywhere, anytime.




The safety of your fleet is the most important thing. So, what kind of safety will you accommodate with a lack of access to your fleet? Telkomsel FleetSense is a comprehensive solution to reduce and anticipate driving risks in real-time, enhancing the security of your fleet operations leveraged by Artificial Intelligence. These solutions will feature mobile video integrated to manage your fleet, front collision warning and pedestrian detection technology, and monitor driver status – fatigue or distracted –  as well as their seat status.




Customer satisfaction is one the most important for businesses that will be affected by delivery system and environment analytic insights. Telkomsel IoT TOMS provides a solution for your order management that will be a central part of your operations. These solutions will feature orders, fleet allocation, and delivery status via web dashboard and mobile app. Fleet managers can monitor shipments, get reports on business trends and performance supported by a geo-analytic system. 


Control Tower


Instead of using traditional supply chain management methods, Telkomsel has provided customers with IoT Control Tower – a smart AI-based supply chain management solution that integrates your various departments for streamlined communication and effective operation from end to end. With this service, customers can now optimize space utilization with LogisticEngine that calculates all parameters and increase address accuracy by 30% with GeoEngine to prevent delay. 

As many solutions can be provided by technology, a leader must be observant to sort out existing technologies and services into their businesses. So, have you decided what your business needs are? Let’s collaborate with Telkomsel IoT for your fleet management solutions that are not only suitable for supporting your business core, but also ensuring customer satisfaction and profitable business.

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