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Digital Transformation Is Penetrating Every Sector and How To Be Ready For It

Digital Transformation Is Penetrating Every Sector and How To Be Ready For It


Digital transformation is penetrating every sector, every industry now. It’s changing the world and business environment we live in. There is no other way for the company, except embracing these technologies and trying to evolve in order to survive the future. 


Despite everything driving towards digital and modernization, many companies are still having a struggle to start the journey. The future may be uncertain with a lot of risks, but the best way to survive is only adapting to the change that certainly comes. Here are some important steps that you should consider as a leader to begin your digital transformation.


Define the digital transformation itself

What is the definition of digital transformation itself? You’ll probably have many and different answers since many technological advancement is going on in every aspect of businesses (client and customer side). So, the first thing to ensure your step is establish your companies’ core. This means look with a high-level view of your ecosystem, industry, value chain, customers, and any other variables that influence your business. Use this information to define the specific context of what you need, why you need it, and what you are trying to achieve. 


Know your company, identify your digital capabilities


Once you succeed in defining what your specific digital transformation is, the next step is you should know your company in a more detail-oriented method to identify your digital capabilities. Check out your ammunition, such as a conventional business flow that is still running smoothly or has operational problems, technological infrastructures that need to be upgraded, and the extent to which your employees' skills can be pushed. If you are successful, this transformation will be effective without risking your company to go through a setback or an over-transformation.


Make plans of how this transformation will go


After defining your objectives and capabilities, make sure you know how this transformation will go. Because your transformation will include both internal and external aspects, from products to customer satisfaction, and re-establishing IT infrastructure. You have to keep your objectives, ensuring to keep the value to your customers and your business and not just adding new technology for the sake of transformation. 


Don’t waste your money for nothing, pick the right strategy

Make sure you choose the right strategy to avoid your company from wasting money. So, what will have the most impactful changes to your company? Then, you should make it a valuable aspect of your business without ruling out the obstacles that may occur in the future. It's critical to create a blueprint that specifies what everything should and should not be there, how your business will develop over time, and what your digital transformation will look like in the end. 

Pick the right people for you team

According to the 2017 State of Digital Transformation report, 31% of respondents noted that a lack of digital skills and knowledge posed a significant obstacle to the success of starting transformation. So, when preparing for a digital transformation project, companies must prioritize hiring the skills and talents required to succeed their transformations forward. In fact, failing to do so has been proven to result in project failure and financial losses.

Communication is the key

Communicating your vision and plan is the same important as building the strategy itself. If the value of a transformation got misled, the companies may not acquire internal trust and confidence from their employees. Just give them a clear plan, transparency, and sufficient training in order to prepare them for the digital transformation. 

After redefining, restructure, and mapping all the strategy, the last step is executing your plan. Ensure you have sights on the end goal and make sure you collaborate with the right digital services and installments. Telkomsel IoT is ready to be with you, realizing the digital transformation you were planning and evolving your customer satisfaction.

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