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Deadly Viruses and Malware That Need To Be Aware Of

Deadly Viruses and Malware That Need To Be Aware Of


Security system is constantly evolving throughout the years. On the other side, the threats – viruses and malware – are evolving too. These two other sides of the coins are complementing and beating each other, becoming more advanced and dangerous at the same time. Now, keeping your data safe is extremely difficult to do. 


Data becoming the most vulnerable and relatable thing to everyone. Every kind of data including bank details, personal photos, and sensitive information would be the most valuable things for cybercriminals. So, every individual or collective must be working on their protection. Here is the top list of deadly viruses and malware to be aware of and how Telkomsel IoT Sphere can protect you against all threats. 


Hidden Ransomware in Fake Windows Update

Windows is the most popular OS in the world and that’s why it could be like a free shooting target for cybercriminals. Hackers will fake the information by sending emails that instruct the receiver to install Windows OS updates. This fake email will trick the receiver, become ‘.exe’ files in disguise and change into ransomware. This ransomware known as “Cyborg” will encrypt all of your files and programs, and demands a ransom payment to un-encrypt the files. 


On the bigger scale, according to government organizations in the Dominican Republic, The Ministry of Agriculture’s Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD) has suffered a quantum ransomware attack, but highlighted that the government does not plan on paying a ransom, to avoid encouraging threat actors to conduct these types of operations.


Zeus Gameover


Zeus Gameover is a part of the Zeus family of viruses and malware. This piece of malware is Trojan that accesses your sensitive bank account details and steals your funds. Zeus Gameover is widely considered one of the most advanced threats of the Zeus family, due the fact that it doesn’t require a centralized server to complete transactions. Instead, Zeus Gameover can create independent servers to send sensitive information, so the victims cannot trace their stolen data. 


IoT Devices Attack


IoT (Internet of Things) devices are growing popular today and it turns out to be a valuable thing, both for customers and hackers. But, there are multiple vulnerabilities that make hackers choose to target IoT devices. By default, IoT devices often simply lack storage to install appropriate security systems. These devices frequently contain easily accessible information, which can be used to connect into accounts and steal valuable data, including banking information. Even hackers can dip into your companies’ network, such as internet-based cameras, spying on your company's valuable assets and spreading threats to other devices. 

As the use of IoT and the trend of cybercrime continues to increase, the leaders need to consider installing a network security solution to their assets. Telkomsel IoT Sphere is one of the security solutions that can be applied to various systems and devices. It works by completely monitoring and guarding the system, checking for malwares and other forms of digital attacks. This service will also allow zero-day attacks automatically and in real-time, preventing your assets from any threats ahead. So, If you’re unsure of the security on your current systems and IoT devices, contact our IoT Experts and start securing your network by using Telkomsel IoT Sphere.

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