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AR Training Gives Sweet Spots To Your Company’s Benefits

AR Training Gives Sweet Spots To Your Company’s Benefits 


There are many cases telling about improving your company with advanced technologies. But, reaching a full potential is not only about installing automated or smart systems into your company. Your employees should be the factor that needs caring and development. With advanced technology today, Augmented Reality (AR) training could help the leaders to ensure their employees are not only working, but growing.  


What is Augmented Reality


In contrast, virtual reality takes users into entirely different environments that are virtually created and rendered by computers. Whereas AR adopts the current environment and alters them. AR features a real-time combination of reality and the virtual world. It is an enhanced version of the physical world that is established through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli. One of the primary goals is to highlight specific tasks of the physical world to give better understanding about those tasks and derive an accessible insight that can be applied in real world applications.


Advantages of AR Training

AR technology at its best can enhance the learning and understanding of your employees. In addition, AR can even boost these 4 aspects such as engagement, safety, reduce training cost, and cognitive obstacles. The first one, with AR advances, employees can practice particular job activities in a structured and interactive way at their own pace, without pressure from leaders and other expectations. Second one, AR also allows employees to practice dangerous tasks without risk of injury. 

The third one, although the initial cost of installing AR training can be high, the equipment is reusable and can be accessed by any workers if they have their own devices such as smartphones. The last one, AR, is a kind of hands-on learning that allows workers to comprehensively get the idea of how tasks are supposed to work and how to handle it when things go wrong. 

Implementing AR Training

Manufacturing and retail are the industries that already utilize AR. For example, AR can adapt  and adjust to manufacturing’s needs. In ergonomics, the needs are defined as physical, cognitive, and organizational. Also AR digital work instructions are customizable. When changes need to be made, it can be done quickly to accomodate workers. Even digital work instructions can provide text in multiple languages by adding buttons to switch language options instantaneously.

In retail, by using scanning capability, employees can access training on products. AR advancements can also help new employees for touring the shop floor or learning about safety procedures, making onboarding much easier and comfortable.

AR technology continues to develop and penetrates into a wide range of applications. Business and tech people have to accept that AR is more than a marketing tool, because customers are beginning to demand tangible benefits from this technology and expect it as part of their transactions. Other than smartphones, some wearable devices could be a breakthrough for augmented reality, such as eyewear that can provide a more integrated environment between real and virtual world. 

However, there are many ways to implement AR in the workplace right now, specifically for training purposes. Besides, it can make operations in general much easier, employees will value the new approach to training and engagement as well. Just contact our Telkomsel IoT expert and let’s collaborate with us to set up a new approach for your company.

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